The Big Move – Summer 2017

Dear Readers, you may have wondered where The Creative Mountain went during the summer months of 2017.  Where are the stories? The pictures? The ideas?! How am I supposed to live my life?!  Joking aside, I’m sure you managed to get along swimmingly and have grand adventures of your own.

But in case you’re curious, during these past months, my family made the big move (2,000+ miles) from the Midwest to the Real West: from Wisconsin out to Bend, Oregon.

Is it exciting? Are there new places to explore? Do we miss friends and family? Yes, yes and yes. But now, instead of looking out our back window and seeing suburban homes, we see a historic flume, an island of lava rock, Mt. Bachelor, and the rapids of the Deschutes River, along with mule deer families grazing on our grass.

We have a greenhouse to spruce up for next spring, a zipline to install, and plans for a chicken coop (and of course, the trampoline and kid’s play structure/rock climbing wall are already set up). And the local community is inviting, friendly, and everything we could’ve hoped for. The only unexpected part? The Great Smoking Haze of August/Sept, as forest fires have been rampant (worst in ten+ years, say the locals). But tubing the whitewater park, kayaking around the lakes, and viewing the total solar eclipse have been terrific.

So, we feel very blessed to get to the opportunity to share new adventures and a creative lifestyle with our kids, living in a place with myriad outdoor wonders. New friends have taken us to cool blue mountain lakes, winding river bends, and introduced us to a great book-guide, “Bend, Overall,” which illuminated more beautiful hikes and even a natural water-slide.

I look forward to sharing parenting/adventure stories and creative tips with you in the great wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest.

Cheers!  – Andy.