Calling All Creatives and Explorers

Do you have a thirst for adventure?

A desire to hike new trails, soar on rope-swings, adapt energizing habits, or learn useful ways to make life more enjoyable?

That’s good.  Me, too.

At its heart, The Creative Mountain is a place to find and swap stories and advice.  Blog articles here will range from Creativity, to the Outdoors, to Maximized Living.   Life is like a mountain, and with the right tools, creative approach, and friends + family, exploring it makes for one grand adventure.

Some other subjects I’ll be writing about:  Swiss Family Parenting.  Writing + Books.  Fun with Frugality.   Minimalism.  Financial Independence.  Improv.   And touring the USA.  I’ll share my experiences, research, and goals, and let you know what works swimmingly, and also what sinks. (This cardboard boat race was on the tepid waters of Lake Michigan.)

I hope you’ll join me in exploring the great outdoors, the possibilities of new ideas, and savoring the views of your own creative mountain.


Andy Adams

Writer, Teacher, Husband

+ Chief-Creative-Officer/Dad of the Fantastic Four