Swimming into Minimalism

My wife and I have made the agreement that we want to live for experiences, not stuff.  Over the past 5 months, we’ve waded into minimalism—and the cool waters are refreshing!

Here’s some tips on how to make the leap of faith:

1. Want a Sanctuary or a Spa? Start with your Bedroom.   

Start with the basics—categorize clothes into similar groups.  Ask yourself first if you’ve worn the item recently—if not, it must go.  Then ask: does the clothing bring you Joy? Confidence?  Comfort?  If not, in the pile it goes!  Continue the cycle through each pile of similar items.  To maximize your time and prevent yourself from getting nostalgic—set a timer.  We use the time we allow—so make the alarm for 10-20 minutes.  Go!  When complete, you should have a hefty pile—load it into the car for Goodwill before kids/pets throw it everywhere and undo your magic.

2. Less Stuff is More Clarity

Clean counter-tops in the bathroom/kitchen = clean peace of mind.

Drawers a jumble?  I recommend interlocking plastic bins so you can customize the space.

Tip:  If you can’t decide what to give-away, put it in a box and out of sight for a week.  After the week passes—did you notice the item was gone?  Did you actually need it?  If not, give it away.

3. Make Momentum Work for You

Set aside one evening a week to declutter/minimize one new room.

Steps: Categorize, Question the Worth, and Organize.

Is the item adding to your dream of a relaxing, spa-like home?  Keep.  Turning into something that you have to dust/move/replace parts?  Give it away; reclaim your space.

What I’ve enjoyed:  how easy it is to find exactly what I need, and how I can enjoy my kids, reading books, or writing novels, without feeling cramped by clutter.  My conscious and subconscious mind is free to make other decisions—like what adventure to go on next, or what to build with/for my kids.

One of my goals for the next 4-5 years:

What minimalist tips/tricks have worked for you?